In an auto title loan, the title of your vehicle is uesd as collateral to secure the loan. Getting a car title loan with Lendmerit is fast and easy. In 30 minutes or less, you're out the door and driving in your own car with pockets full of cash. It's simple, as long as you hava no-lien on your vehicle, we can help you establish a loan so you can confidently drive away with much needed cash.

  • Loan range

  • Terms (month)

    12~24 Month

AUTO TITLE LOANS application process Fast Loans!

Application Documents

  • 1、Original car title under our name
  • 2、Government issued ID or driver license
  • 3、Last three months proof of income (paystubs, receipts, or bank statements) for proof if ability to repay the loan
  • 4、Proof of your current address (water/electricity bill, statement from bank , or phone bill)
  • 5、Car insurance proof
  • 6、U.S. passport for U.S. citizens
  • 7、Green card, Chinese passport and Chinese ID card for permanent resident (green card holder)

Please contact (888) 866-8808 for any questions or concerns